Sports facilities

Sports Department
1504 Sofia, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.
Rectorate, Room 120
Tel.: (+359 2) 944 27 49; 9308 435; 9398 703

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The Sports Department at Sofia University was founded in 1949. Actually the Sports programme has considerably broadened and has been enriched with a new variety of training fields (basketball, volleyball, tennis, fencing), as well as several popular sports (football, judo and skiing). As a result of the new tendencies in sport, the interest shown by the students, and the increasing enrolment of students, new disciplines were introduced, such as: aerobics, callanetics, body-building, sailing, tourism, sport climbing, table tennis, jogging, ballroom dancing, rowing, arching etc.

In 1984, the Centre of Kinesitherapy was set up to promote special therapeutic programmes using the methods of physiotherapy for the students, professors and administrative staff of Sofia University.

The Sports Department offers excellent opportunities for practising sports in its facilities based in:

FACULTY OF BIOLOGY: Volleyball, ballroom dancing, track and field events

RECTORATE BUILDING: Rock climbing, tourism, therapeutic gymnastics – straightening and remedial (for treatment of posture defects and organ function recovery)

STUDENTSKI GRAD: Fitness for women

ACADEMIC STADIUM (near Festivalna Sports Hall):  Basketball, korfball, judo, self-defence, aerobics, callanetics, fencing, football

ACADEMIC STADIUM (near the Pliska Hotel): Swimming, fitness



FITNESS CENTRE: Fitness, sauna