Learning Agreement: During Mobility

Check the list of courses on the website and select your final list of courses, fill in the DURING MOBILITY part (download here)* of your Learning Agreement, contact the Faculty Erasmus Coordinator (for Sofia University) and the coordinator from your University for approval and signature.
*If initially you have OLA signed, then you need to make the changes through the OLA platform.

During the first week at Sofia University, the faculty coordinators will arrange meetings with you. These meetings are important in connection with your Learning Agreement: During Mobility part and the final list of courses that you will include in the During Mobility part.

If you make any changes, you are required to submit within 1 month the signed During Mobility part.

07 November 2023 for winter semester
27 March 2024 for summer semester

If you do not make changes in your Learning Agreement, you are not obliged to prepare the During Mobility part, but you have to inform via email your respective Erasmus+ coordinator and the Academic Affairs coordinators.

Please consider the following instructions when preparing your During Mobility part:

  • You are obliged to choose at least 3 (three) courses from your host faculty. The course list is available here.
  • The number of ECTS of each course should correspond to the information published on our website. If you choose a course, which is not offered in the course list, please contact your faculty coordinator and ask for the number of ECTS.
  • You are required to include the course code in your Learning Agreement. Do not forget it!
  • The document has to be signed by: 1) you, 2) the faculty coordinator at Sofia University, and 3) the responsible coordinator at your home university.
  • The signed document has to be sent via email to your respective Erasmus+ coordinator.
  • Based on this document, you will be enrolled in the courses in SUSI.
  • If you do not provide your During Mobility by the deadline, you will be enrolled in the courses according to your Learning Agreement: Before Mobility.
  • You can receive ECTS only for the courses indicated in your Learning Agreement that have been successfully completed.
  • Once submitted, you cannot make any further changes of the During Mobility part.