ISIC card


The International Student Identity Card for students of Sofia University (ISIC SU) provides:

proof of student status;
access to the buildings and dormitories of Sofia University;
access to the libraries of Sofia University;
50% discount of travel tickets with the Bulgaria railway network (valid for students up to 25 years);
more than 1500 shopping discounts in Bulgaria and more than 45000 discounts in 130 countries;
discounts for events and concerts in Bulgaria;

The ISIC SU card could be used also to authorize the issuing of a student discount card for the public transportation in Sofia.

Detailed information and instruction about the card and the online registration are provided on:

Your coordinator will notify you by email when your card is ready.

DEADLINE for submitting your document for an ISIC SU card:
17 October 2023 for winter semester
06 March 2024 for summer semester
After the deadline the link for application will be closed.

Price: 24 BGN.

NB: We strongly recommend you to issue an ISIC SU card. If you have an ISIC card issued by your home university, you may use it for discounts, but it will not be valid for a student discount card of the public transportation in Sofia, the railways network or access to the library, dormitories and the other university buildings.