Accommodation and canteens


Disclaimer: Currently dormitories are in bad shape (to be renovated) and we do not recommend you to apply for accommodation unless you have no other option.

Application: You can apply for a place at the student dormitory by filling in this form until 15 November 2022 for spring semester. Please be aware that due to a limited number of places, we cannot guarantee that all students will receive a place.

General information: There are only double rooms. Single rooms are not available. The monthly price is about 60-80 EUR (approx. 120-160 BGN) including utilities such as water, central heating and electricity. Internet is not provided in the rooms, but each student may arrange it by themselves selecting preferable Internet provider. Bed linen is not provided.

Upon your accommodation you will be asked to pay a deposit in the amount of one monthly rent which will cover the expenses in case of any damages in the room. The deposit will be returned when you leave the room in the end of your mobility upon request at the cash desks of the student dormitory campus.

Kindly be aware that the dormitories do not offer conditions for self-isolation and quarantine in case of possible future anti-epidemic measures on a local and/or national level. The shared kitchenettes are currently being closed.

Accommodation Commission:
Sofia 1700, Studentski Grad (Students’ Town) block 42 B
Sofia University has 3 Canteens located at the following addresses:
– Canteen 1 – Rectorate building – serves lunch and dinner
– Canteen 4 – Studentski grad, near block 35 – serves lunch and dinner
– Canteen 35 – 69A Shipchenski Prohod Str. (in the building of the Faculty of Pre-school and Primary school education) – serves lunch only