Course list for 2023/2024 academic year

Courses are drawn from across the university and are divided by faculties. You are allowed to choose from the undergraduate and graduate courses from all faculties on the basis of your interest regardless of your level of studies. As an Erasmus+ student however you are obliged to choose at least 3 (three) of your courses from your host faculty according to the field of study in the inter-institutional agreement. This is also valid for During the mobility part of your Learning Agreement. If you are not sure which faculty you will be enrolled in, please ask the coordinator at the Erasmus office of your university.

Please dont’t forget to mention the course codes in your Learning Agreement.

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology:

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – updated on 10.10.22023

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts

Faculty of Geology and Geography

Faculty of History

Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – updated on 02.10.2023

Faculty of Philosophy:

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Slavic Studies – updated on 16.10.2023

Faculty of Theology

Department of Sport (every student could select up to 2 different sports per semester) – updated on 16.10.2023

Bulgarian language
Note: The groups and levels for the Bulgarian language course are formed before the beginning of each semester.