University Museums

Museum of Sofia University


The opening of a permanent exhibition collection of the University Museum is one of the significant initiatives during the celebration of the 110th anniversary of Sofia University. A result of years-long efforts of the academic community, the old idea about the establishment of a museum of the first educational and spiritual center of the country thus becomes a reality.The museum exhibition is situated in the premises beneath the rotunda in Block 6 in the Northern wing of the University. The whole exhibition covers a space of about 100 sq. m. in the main hall and four separate rooms. The exhibition is successfully enlarged by two smaller museum collections on archaeology and ethnology, situated in two other separate rooms.


Museum of Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Resources


The show room of the museum is situated in the South wing of the University on the area of 800 sq.m. 16 200 samples are now stored in the museum stocks, half of which are exposed in 7 expositions: “Taxonomy”, “Petrography”, “Mineral Resources”, “Crystallography”, “Regional Mineralogy”, “Genetic Mineralogy – Individuals and Aggregates” and “Memorial Collections”. The museum gives its show room to visiting exhibitions on themes connected to geology, University’s educative work, collectors and fans of the mineralogy, student practice and studies.

Museum of Palaeontology and Historical Geology

The Museum of Palaeontology and Historical Geology comprises two separate expositions: Palaeontology and Historical Geology. Its most remarkable exhibit is the restored skeleton of a Deinotherium.