Theatre-laboratory @lma @lter

The Theatre of Sofia University was founded in 1968. Due to ideology considerations it was later shut down. After more than 30 years, in year 2000 it is re-established as Alma Alter Theatre-laboratory by its founder – the director Nikolay Georgiev, who has always been in the avant-garde of the Bulgarian experimental theatre.
“Alma Alter” penetrates into and researches the primary, essential theatre means of expression in the context of the present day. “Alma Alter” is syncretic, creative, strongly unconventional, open, daring and is also known as “The alive theatre”. The art of “Alma Alter” is highly interactive – the audience is an active participant in all the performances. Each performance of “Alma Alter” should be different from the previous ones, because it is set on the principle of “happening here, now, with these people”. “Alma Alter” has won recognition in the cultural life of the country as a unique place, where theatre is not “produced”, but “born”, where “Things happen” – categorical alternative to the (conventional) theatre in Bulgaria.
The first performance of “Alma Alter” Theatre-laboratory is entitled “Either-Or” and takes place on 06.01.2001.